Terry Hamrick

Designer, learner

I started as an editor and writer, became a graphic designer, and evolved into a designer of digital experiences making use of lots of letters such as IA, UI, and UX. Tossed in have been stints in photography, video production, PR, and management. Throughout my life the overriding passion has been to keep learning, growing, exploring, and creating. Let’s go!

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Terry is always fantastic to work with. Sure we wanted to make some money on the projects, but we really just wanted to work with Terry.

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— Ben Callahan, President, Sparkbox

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Anyone who works with Terry benefits from his wealth of experience and his drive to stay at the forefront of what's happening in the field. I've learned and grown so much from working with him.

Kristen Everett, Content Strategist, Mindpower

Terry’s always fun to work with. Great ideas and impeccable design. He also knows all the best places to eat in Atlanta.

— Dusty Gulleson, CEO, eResources

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Fresh out of college, I was thrilled when I landed a spot on Terry’s team. He taught me so much more than web design and coding. Terry helped me to work more effectively with different types of people. He’s a master at knowing what’s going to work with each client.

— Meg Anderson, Owner & Editorial Consultant, Luminary Works
(formerly, Web Content Manager, Stein Communications)
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45 RPM record player

At seven years old I took my record player apart to find out why it wasn’t working. Fascinated by the innards, I fell for technology and never looked back. Oh, and I fixed the record player.

Orange butterfly

By the time I was nine, I had decided on a career as a Lepidopterist, with Paleontologist as a backup. Collecting, organizing, and classifying was already a thing. It got a name that caught my attention later.

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Book titled Information Architects

Richard Saul Wurman coined the term “information architecture” in 1997.

Book cover for Caves of Steel

I graduated college — with a English lit degree and honors — into a recession and a tight job market. In the nine months I job searched, I also wrote science fiction stories. SF is not just ray guns and spaceships. It’s world building and imagining human behavior both affected by technology and interacting with technology.

I’ve logged over 14,000 miles running and racing. I love it. Running has taught me that presistence works, time heals, and success is showing up and not only about crossing a finish line.

Terry running in a race

12,000-feet, Maroon Bells, CO — Fresh air and a new perspective are critical parts of a personal toolkit.

Terry at top of high mountain pass
Terry at painting table in art studio

Paint on canvas, pencil or ink on paper, these very tactile and human ways of kindling creativity remain important to me. And, above all, remaining widely interested in the world is a given.

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